Every day at work I tell all of those around me to "Go out and make a Difference".  At the end of the day I ask, "Did you make a difference today"  If their response is "YES" then they get a fist bump and "Your my hero".  If they say No I tell them, "Come on, don't let the Turkeys win".

"YOU ARE A HERO!".  You are my hero.  I appreciate you and what you do for this world.  The class and learning were exceptional and I hope somehow and some way I can make as much difference as you and your organization do someday.

My most sincere regards and thank you,

David Goble

I wanted to say that I very much enjoyed the workshop. The course was broken down into modules in such a way that participants could easily digest the material.

I will say, without reservation, that this workshop has really opened my eyes with respect to understanding the potential and very significant value this method can bring to an organization. You did an amazing job walking our group through the various models and educating us on the very important distinction between "ontologies" vs "taxonomies" when creating our models.

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom!!

Edward Veeck

How do you gauge the “worth” of an Enterprise Architect Certification Workshop? To me, there is one overriding criteria – can I actually develop an Enterprise Architecture? Of course, this cannot be gauged the day after the education and workshop sessions. Sam Holcman said that his intent in the Workshop is preparing us to do Enterprise Architecture “…on Monday morning” – providing the necessary methodology, tools, templates, framework, project management work breakdown structure, and support materials. Not only was I prepared, but we launched a Quick Start Enterprise Architecture effort, as we were taught in the Workshop.

I can now, after a new months of effort, say that our organization produced, and is now enabling the Enterprise Architecture we developed. The true testimonial to this Workshops effectiveness.


Frank Thomas

I wanted to let you know that right after the Workshop you taught, I applied the Goals Hierarchy immediately to the work I was doing. This really helped to assess the gaps/overlaps which, in the list format we were using, were challenging to see and even more challenging to communicate with our customers.

Karen Newcomb

Just to highlight a few things which I am very impressed with this program: Your attention to detail, the style you are conducting the program with great efficiency, intelligence, support, cooperativeness and with the touch of humor. The real world Enterprise Architecture discipline knowledge which we are acquiring thru this training program is priceless.
The time and thought you put into this program is the finest I’ve seen till date, being part of multiple corporate level trainings. The best part of the entire program was getting trained by the Guru Himself.


Ram Kodi

The EA workshop last week was great. The format was engaging and I left with a much better understanding of EA concepts and best practices. As a PMP, I found the course content particularly applicable to the Scope Management knowledge area and the Planning process. I plan to include this workshop as an activity in my PMI Continuing Certification Requirements reporting. 

Dave Gulick

Thank you for the great training. We are already putting our heads together with our other team members (who took your training earlier) and determining how to move forward. Thank you for your dedication to EA and development of the Quick Start Toolkit. This is the only method that we have all agreed to as the right way to proceed.

Dusk Kurtz


In the future if you are ever looking for a mentee I would love to be that person. I think you are brilliant and admire the work you have done with EA and the Zachman Framework.

Jennifer Driver

Thank you so much for such insightful and informative sessions last week. It’s incredible how the total concept of EA has changed for me to be SO much more than just DoDAF/TOGAF.

Nida Khan

I fully enjoyed the EACOE Certification Workshop. I found you interjections of real business situations into the delivered material a great help in understanding the concepts. I have already started to use some of the new Enterprise Architecture knowledge and strategies in my day to day work.

Ron Walker

I found the workshop extremely valuable. You kept talking about putting it into practice on “Monday morning”, which at the time seemed somewhat unreasonable. However, I actually was able to do just that. I was amazed. I find myself thinking in Enterprise Architecture terms now more so than ever, breaking things into definitions and specific parts and mapping it back to each cell on the framework. In fact, I was able to develop a governance model for the ministry in a manner that that defined roles, responsibilities and decision-making based on functions and sub-functions. They LOVED it!!! Understood it right away and want to extend my contract.

All in all, it was an amazing week for me. The only issue I had was that it should have been longer! I feel like I have so much more to learn.

Karen-Ann Moore

I work as a business analyst/IT architect for a consultancy firm in Sweden. I attended your course which gave me a lot of new ideas and new perspectives. It also provided me with an approach on how to take on new projects. I have adopted the methodology in a couple of projects recently, where the results and methodology itself has been very appreciated.I work as a business analyst/IT architect for a consultancy firm in Sweden. I attended your course which gave me a lot of new ideas and new perspectives. It also provided me with an approach on how to take on new projects. I have adopted the methodology in a couple of projects recently, where the results and methodology itself has been very appreciated.

Johan Andersson

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for the wonderful educational experience. Believe me when I say that this has been the very best training I ever attended in my 15 year career, it is a pity that I did not get the opportunity to be in the class a lot sooner!

Over the weekend I went through every single page in the material you provided, there is a lot in there. I will be putting your “Business on a page” template to use here pretty soon.

Sudhir Gadepalli


This is a thank you for your time at the course last week. I dreamed and thought of nothing but architecture over the weekend. Life in the fast lane!

Patricia Baudais

It was a great course! It filled in many gaps. It was also helpful to have it with others who were not part of our Company. I especially want to thank you for your patience. I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions, even though they may have been already answered in one form or another… it’s just how I learn (i.e. get beat over the head many times until it finally sinks in).

Doug Burke

I want to thank you for the Workshop last week. It was one of the best training courses I attended.

James Lynch

That was a great workshop last week. Nice to see an EA framework that has all the necessary components needed to move forward with EA in any size of organization. Over the last 6 years I have been a CIO for a small bank and could have used the framework many times. Also, I try to attend the CIO summit in Redmond each year and have listened to Tony Scott speak about EA driven initiatives. So, needless to say, I have become believer in the benefit of EA in an organization. Your workshop further solidified that for me, filled in some missing pieces and helped me start to understand the framework behind EA. I hope to apply it to my current role and use it throughout my career.

Cliff Conklin

It was a great pleasure to see you in action and your passion is beyond this world. Wish more people are truly passionate about their jobs like you. I look forward to working with you and using your materials in building better Enterprise Architecture.

Sasha Frljanic

Thanks for a great week. I feel the workshop and the practical experience gained really went far in improving my understanding of EA. More importantly I think I have sufficient skills to actually be an EA.

Russell Cashin

Just a quick thank you for sharing a tad bit of your knowledge and experience with us. You are a great instructor/facilitator and I appreciate the time you spent.

Samantha Stafford

Thanks for a great class. I learned a lot, and got a lot of the interactions we had.

Steve Noel

It was my pleasure getting all the training and guidance required to develop Enterprise Architecture’s. It was very informative and provided a very independent framework and methodology for developing one.

Praveen Gangi

I want to say thank you for the education the class was great and I will use to assist my organization and myself.

Dahir Noor

I would like to thank you for the awesome class. I really like to start practicing the knowledge you shared with us.

Alonso Serrano

I categorize the Workshop as “Awesome” and very useful. I did pull the team together on Tuesday when we got back to discuss first steps in applying what we learned. We’re definitely motivated now. Thanks again!

Gary Dias

Thank you so much for writing such an eloquent and insightful article and sharing it with your EACOE members! I cannot begin to tell you how timely your article is. EA is a new concept and approach to many of the University’s stakeholders. I find myself constantly having to emphasize (and re-emphasize) that EA (or as we are performing it via the Process Improvement Assessment project that we are working on, is more than technology and that it requires that the institution have a better understanding of its business and use technology to achieve identified, ranked and prioritized goals. It is proving to be really hard to get those involved in the various business operations units to connect to something outside the traditional and siloed approaches that they are used to for strategic assessment. I’d like to share your written wisdom with my boss (Provost/COO) and his executive team (Executive Vice Provost, CFO/Treasurer and Sr. Vice President) to paint a better depiction of what EA is and should be (I firmly believe that it’s best to represent EA and what it is directly from you – the source).

Again, thank you for all your hard work over the years to get EA to where it is, and more so, thank you for the enlightenment you have provided to us via your EA certification workshop. (I am forever changed and cannot evaluate anything without using some aspect of the EACOE’s EA framework…). I wish I knew your style of EA years ago!

S. Evadney Hamilton

I now realize I “messed” with the rest, and now have the best! Thank you!!

John Hundiak

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Workshop. Lots of good concepts, great learning. I think that what I appreciate the most is that you have open the door to a different dimension that was totally unknown to me, a different way to think, a vision that things can be simple. None of the concepts that you have explained were really new. It is the fact of making so clear that those are THE framework; that there is just a limited number of categories and that on the lines what we see are the different interest (questions) that we are trying to address what made everything look simple (not that I would be able to complete my company DNA by tomorrow, but at least I think I have an understanding of what I need to look for).

Javier Espinosa

Thanks for the class – it was very useful. It served as a very clear explanation of what Enterprise Architecture actually is – something that isn’t particularly well-defined in the industry nor here at our company. (I just got out of a discussion of EA as defined vs. what passes for EA here!!)

Eric Virro

What I learned in class has really focused some of the questions I am able to pose during our architecture sessions. I want you to see how easily I have been able to apply what you taught.

Betsy Nyhan

Thanks again for the Workshop. I found it to be practical and very worthwhile. With my role changing here at my Company, to specialize more in this area, this framework and methodology will be very useful and directly applicable to what I am going to be doing.

Jeff Brazier

In my career I have attended numerous 1 and 2 week courses, team building exercises, and other educational experiences. Few have been as satisfying to me at the end, as this one has.

Vince Tuzzeo

 I wish I had take your course 15 years ago – it was GREAT. Thank you again.

Roy Bradley

Thank you for hosting and conducting the EA training last week. It has been the most insightful and useful training that I’ve had in a long time!!!

Natalia Dunaeva

Thanks again for all your insight and knowledge. This is a fabulous product and process. You have inspired me!

Brian Sublett

The EACOE course has enhanced my EA skills. Now I can think from a wider business perspective and adapt artifacts that are simple to use, understand and add value to the enterprise. Thanks for sharing your views and experience.

Jai Venkat

Thanks for the great workshop! I learned so many things on the “real science” behind EA and IT in general. I look forward to learning more from you and contributing my EA experiences to the EA community.

Josef Vargas

Thanks for the great training session. It was really very productive. I learned and clarified a lot in my mind on architecture frameworks for an enterprise. It is terrific to hear about actual enterprise efforts with Enterprise Architecture, and bringing direct pay offs so well.

Jay Ramaswamy

The class was great, and I have already kicked off two projects, with backing from the CIO, leveraging your teachings. I will also be sending some architects from my staff to your next class.

Daniel Lasher

Thank you again for teaching us the right way to do Enterprise Architecture! It was very enlightening and rewarding and I can’t wait to apply those skills!

Warren Liu

Just a quick note to say thank you for a superb piece of practical education. It has greatly assisted me on a number of fronts in my projects already.

Steve Gadsby

Thanks for providing a very useful, educational and entertaining week. Your knowledge, professionalism and humor made it all work.

Sergey Scollan

Fantastic workshop in last week. I know I and my colleagues found it very informative and put architecture in a different light than before.

Christian Turner

The workshop was extremely useful and I am already finding difference in the way I used to think about EA.

Rahul Johri

Thank you for your valuable training and workshop. It was the best ever workshop that I attended. I look forward to use what I learned in projects going forward.

Rajneesh Sharma

Thanks so much for the INCREDIBLE EACOE Distance Learning class last week! While it was a jam-packed course, the information you presented along with your real-world experiences made it the best course I’ve taken in recent years.

After having taken your course last week, I am impressed by a couple of things: 1. that the thought process and deliverables work the same way now (20 years later) as they did then, making it even more impressive that this framework is standing the test of time 2. the automation of deliverable creation, especially affinity analysis, that you and your team have put together will greatly improve the accuracy and speed of delivery.


Karen Manhart

Thanks for everything. I really enjoyed the workshop. I plan to send staff to your program in the near future.

Lori Maatta

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the workshop last week and can’t stop thinking about how much the concepts and technique will be so helpful. I had stumbled across your website completely by accident only a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. I appreciate your passion for the subject matter, please never apologize or restrain yourself, it is contagious!

Kirstin Wright

Your approach, methodology, tips, and techniques are the most useful I have ever seen. I agree with you that the framework coupled with your methodology represents the complete package. It is both holistic and comprehensive. And, for me, it is the Rosetta stone of the Zachman framework and Enterprise Architecture. Thank you for developing a workable model that leaves no stone unturned. I am proud to say that I am EACOE certified, and look forward to bring real value to my customers!

Greg Dismuke

Thanks for a wonderful workshop practice and guidance provided during the weeklong session. It was really good and I would definetly start using the methodologies in my organization.

Sudarshan Iyengar

I must thank you with all my heart for your instruction style and skill transfer technique that you utilized in the workshop. In a small period of time I was able to gain knowledge of highly applicable skill set, which can be used to study various types of businesses and provide solutions to inherent problems that those businesses may be facing. I have a diverse educational background ( PhD in Science and Math Research and Education, MS. in Chemistry, MS in Computer Science). Along with this I also hold some certificates like PMP, CSCP, CRCMP, and Business Process Management. I was searching for a tool that can be used to integrate the knowledge gained from all these areas of study and be applied to progress in my career.

My goals also include continuous involvement in research. The workshop has undoubtedly given me a tool and knowledge to move forward with motivation and focus. Thank you for enlightening me with this knowledge. I look forward to guidance from you in future.

Anupam Asthana

I wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop. It was a mental-model changing experience.

Denise Bedford

Thank you for the workshop last week. It was eye-opening and fun at the same time.

Konstantin Rekatas

Thank you very much for the training. I cannot express in words the value of your training. It figures in my top list of educational trainings I have attended.

Ganesh Rajagopal

Thank you for your effort, enthusiasm and passion. I found the materials and course information to be invaluable and I will be carrying the EA flag forward in our organization and in our domain.

Kevin Rocheleau

Thanks again for leading one of the best workshops I’ve attended in my 30+ year career. Good Stuff. I’m a believer in your teaching and will do my best to carry what I learned forward! Cliff, Chris and I are already putting a plan of action in place. We will keep you informed of our success!!

Tammie J Bossingham

Great workshop! Your approach to EA will close an existing gap I had with the planning elements of EA. Here, our EA governance approach works very at the project level and has been ingrained into our culture. It’s been aligning projects to strategy where many disconnects have been occurring for a wide range of reasons. I have already set up meetings with EA supporters within leadership ranks to debrief and organize next steps. I’ll keep you informed as to how it’s going.

Michael Miller

The class last week was great! It gave me a good sense of affirmation in the things we are doing already as well as taught me a bunch of new tricks. I look forward to sharing my and our accomplishments with you.

Brett Selleck

It was pleasure meeting you during the workshop, certainly was an eye-opener.  Slowly incorporating some of what’s learned during the workshop and am excited about incorporating more – Thank you!

Jesse Galsim

Wanted to thank you for the workshop. I believe that what you presented can be immediately applied with little cost (meaning tools) and can be easily adopted.

Ed Miranda

Thank you for a very worthwhile experience this past week. The materials, lecture and group exercises will prove most useful in my work. It helped me formalize my understanding of work I have been doing for some time.

Michael H Brody

The workshop was superb. Your presentation of the material was superb and your humor was appreciated, although laughter was not heard because we were all on mute in the Distance Learning format! I’m hopeful that I can push our EA team to work on a small initiative within the next month to demonstrate the value of the framework. Ahh, those other priorities always seem to get in the way of real progress.

Many thanks for a great workshop. The week went by like the days were hours.

John Ackerman

Thank you for a very information and hands-on approach towards learning about Enterprise Architecture concepts and principles.

Best regards,
Allieu Alghli

Really appreciate benefiting from your knowledge, experience and hard earned lessons learned! It made the class quite valuable!!

Chris Lorentz

Many thanks for the course – certainly help cement a number of new ideas and provided much food for thought. The reality that you provided that IT is immature has especially changed the way I view a number of things and helped me reconsider how I approach “problems” and people. I am looking forward to growing into an experienced enterprise architect …

Robin Beetge

I just wanted to thank you again for an outstanding learning experience last week. Honestly, one of the best training/hands-on workshops I’ve ever attended!

Jonathan Benett

I thoroughly enjoyed the EACOE course. The course was simply AWESOME !!!!!

Harry L. Faggett Jr.

I really like using the EACOE tool to consolidate all my analysis with my customers. It is a quick and simple way to organize and show how their entire organization is / isn’t related. Plus, I use it to show what systems will be impacted if we have new processes and potential new tools.

Carmen Torres

My best to you and your team, who’s effort and delivery of value to all is outstanding and unprecedented and greatly valued by all.

John N Johnson

As class ended on Friday I didn’t have time to pass on to you my appreciation for your class…it truly was one of the best courses I have attended. I have been a IT business analyst for 17 years and all through last week I kept reflecting back to my past projects thinking how much better they would have been if I only knew what I know now. Well, now I know. 

David Drotts

I really enjoyed and learned so much from the workshop and has been trying to apply what you taught there.

Amy Wang