The Enterprise FrameworkTM is THE Definitive Framework for Your Enterprise Architecture Activities

The Enterprise FrameworkTM is THE Definitive Framework for Your Enterprise Architecture Activities

Enterprise Architecture is a kind of planning based on the strategic vision of the company. It helps in creating a synergy of the firm’s various capabilities and guiding them towards strategic goals. It lays out a clear framework of a company’s structure, personnel, technology and business, called enterprise architecture framework.

What pages and pages of text on a company’s performance cannot achieve, Enterprise Architecture can, with its visual and graphic impact. EA can document a company’s present baseline state as well as project an ideal world future state. A target state is a compromise vis-a-vis the company’s goals and the ideal state.

All frameworks have the goal of outlining a structure which can represent the complex interactions between people, processes and technology. Enterprise architecture framework defines how to organize the structures and components within an architecture. The framework may be used to describe current, future and gap analysis states of an organization.

Enterprise Architecture frameworks organize architecture into different “views” that make sense to different stakeholders. Thus, views are the different complementary projections of the enterprise model. The “views” based approach of architecture frameworks is good in less complex, small-scale scenarios.

For an organization desirous of developing enterprise architecture and strategic planning, there are various frameworks to choose from. Depending on complexity and scale of the enterprise, they can choose from commercial, defense industry and government frameworks. The Zachman Framework is the definitive Enterprise Architecture Framework. Frameworks such as DODAF, MODAF, and TOGAF are classified as Implementation Frameworks and/or methodologies in combination with a framework.

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