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By practitioners, for practitioners. The definitive framework and methodology for your enterprise architecture activities.

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The EACOE Advances the professionalism, practitioning, and body of knowledge related to Enterprise Architecture.

The mission of the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) is to advance the professionalism, practitioning, and the body of knowledge related to Enterprise Architecture, and to provide its members with a professional exchange forum of knowledge and experience in the use, implementation, and advancement of Enterprise Architecture.

We provide the Enterprise Architect with a full complement of foundational skills and tools for success.

Are you implementing a time-tested practitioner-based Enterprise Architecture in your business? Let us help you get there.



We offer the only fully integrated Enterprise Architecture workshop. You will leave our workshop:

  • Able to digitally transform your business using our Enterprise Architecture methodology

  • Able to actually develop and complete an Enterprise Architecture project

  • With project plans, report templates, course videos, tutorials, and integrated software tools


Our certification approach is simple and straightforward:

  • learn the practice of Enterprise Architecture

  • actually perform Enterprise Architecture

  • have that performance reviewed by the world’s most experienced Enterprise Architects

  • receive the appropriate level of certification

Consulting And Advisory Services

Our Enterprise Architecture consulting services provide you with:

  • an experienced pool of knowledge and services

  • optimization expertise for your business and IT strategies

  • roadmaps whereby both business and IT can fuel each other’s strategies.

What Is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is developed based on organizational goals and overall business objectives.

Enterprise Architecture methodologies, frameworks and strategic planning are the keys to planning, coordinating and implementing an organization’s business objectives.

They help in the smooth functioning of different units in an organization.


What Happens In Our Enterprise Architecture workshops?

You learn the ability to create effective change.

At the EACOE, you have the advantage of gathering knowledge from experienced professionals. Our Workshop instructors are practitioners—day in and day out.

The workshop provides the baseline for your certification, which we suggest is far superior to a multiple guess exam. It is the work you do in the workshop that provides certification.

Our coursework and Enterprise Architecture approach is the foundation for the only two Universities that offer Enterprise Architecture degree programs – a testament to the quality of our workshop and our offerings

We provide additional services to train and assist professionals so that you are not in ivory towers but are business driven.

View our 2019 EACOE Brochure

View our 2019 EACOE Brochure

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