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Enterprise Architecture Workshops

EACOE Certified Enterprise Architects have the proven ability to perform Enterprise Architecture activities using globally accepted standards and guidelines.

They ensure the enterprise’s information technology and business systems are aligned with business goals, are capable of change in continually changing business and technology climates, can reuse enterprise systems assets, and are cost effective. 


At EACOE, we offer several different ways for our candidates to become certified in Enterprise Architecture


About Our Enterprise Architecture Workshops

The EACOE provides a recognized practitioning standard for Enterprise Architects. As you review the workshop outline, you will see the most comprehensive and complete body of knowledge in the profession. Certification through EACOE will provide you with a referenceable standard and is the benchmark for the Enterprise Architecture practitioning profession. You will be recognized for your achievements—now and in the future.

Certifying against a defined body of knowledge is crucial to advance the profession. All professional disciplines begin with a body of knowledge as a reference point. The EACOE Enterprise Architecture Certification process follows this professional discipline. Without this body of knowledge, the results of the Enterprise Architecture will be inconsistent and difficult to verify. As an example, chemistry was alchemy until Mendeleev defined the chemical periodic table of elements. Once the periodic table of the elements was defined, a “body of knowledge” resulted. From this body of knowledge, alchemy could be transformed to chemistry and chemical engineering. The chemical engineering profession then flourished. Numerous parallels in other disciplines can be shown with similar outcomes.

Our certification approach is simple and straightforward:

  • learn the practice of Enterprise Architecture

  • actually perform Enterprise Architecture

  • have that performance reviewed by the world’s most experienced Enterprise Architects

  • receive the appropriate level of certification.

You will:

  • gain experience

  • use your knowledge and the knowledge of other practitioners

  • add to the knowledge base

  • continue to advance the profession.

 Already Certified?

There is still much to gain from EACOE’s Certification Workshops.


At EACOE, our workshops are taught by industry practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the Enterprise Architecture discipline. Does your certification pass the test?


 Classroom Based Workshops

Comprehensive education in Enterprise Architecture in a classroom setting.


Classroom hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and all classroom presentation and workshop materials are provided the first day. We will provide a continental breakfast, lunch, and both morning and afternoon coffee breaks. Please dress comfortably. We strongly suggest you bring a personal computer to receive maximum benefit from the Certification Workshop.

Classroom Hours, Meals, and Materials

Certification Workshop location and hotel information will be provided to you when we receive your registration. Please feel free to contact us if you need this information prior to registration.

Certification Workshop Location, and Hotel Accommodations

Once a new workshop has been listed, to register, please complete the form provided on our website. As sessions often fill up quickly, we would like to hear from you right away – even for certification workshops several months in the future. We want to be able to accommodate you, and look forward to your participation.

For a list of our 2019 Enterprise Architecture workshops, please visit our Workshop Dates page.

Workshop Registration

Your registration confirmation will be emailed, faxed, and sent via U.S. mail within five business days of registration. If you have any questions concerning your registration, please call (810) 231-0531. 

Certification Workshop Confirmation

We provide various discounts for members of the same company attending the same event. Please call for details.

Multiple Attendee Discounts

Consultants and Consulting Firms

Ready To Attend A Class?

Self-Paced Enterprise architecture Workshops

Architecture Course Information_Compressed.jpg

You can now get EACOE enterprise Architect Certified On Your Own schedule!

  • 100% self-paced, online workshops now available

  • Same great content as our “live” workshops

  • You’ll be ready to actually DO Enterprise Architecture once certified


Sample our online workshop for one (1) week with our no obligations, free trial.

If you’re ready to get certified, sign up for our FULL Enterprise Architecture Certification Workshop today.

Distance Learning Workshops

Our Distance Learning Workshops Are Active Expert Practice-Based Learning Without The Hassles Of Traveling 

  • Designed to be as close to the same learning interaction and experience as face-to-face Certification.

  • Four-day session held live, begin on Monday and end on Thursday.

  • Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Geared towards Live Online Certification, complete with instructor interactions, team “break-out” rooms, case studies, etc.

  • Same practitioner-led Certification Workshops you would experience at any of our public Workshop locations.

  • Each Workshop includes the same presentation materials as the face-to-face “standup” Workshops.

  • Provide feedback and receive Enterprise Architect Certification at the end of the Workshop – the same as our face-to-face Workshop.

  • NOT an online passive experience.

  • Certify your entire team Live – custom “private” Workshops can be scheduled as convenient.

Workshop participants join the Certification instructor in a virtual classroom, without leaving their home or office. Using the latest in web conferencing technology designed for maximum interaction, Workshop participants can access the virtual classroom remotely, from any location worldwide, and still benefit from instructor-led training. This is NOT a passive online course!

What is Distance Learning Certification?

Quite simply – demand (and the technology is now available to “almost” simulate the face-to-face classroom environment!). We are responding to the need to offer Enterprise Architect Certification globally to geographically diverse and dispersed individuals and organizations around the world who may be unable to travel to a face-to-face Workshop.

Self-paced training is simply not equal to Distance Learning.

Live online Workshops provide the attendee with the opportunity to become a Certified Enterprise Architect from the comfort of their desktop. This Workshop option benefits the participant by eliminating travel costs as well as time away from the office. This format also better accommodates both the individual and small teams by “bringing” the Workshop to the individual or team. We offer on-site live Workshops, but if the organization does not have enough individuals that can simultaneously “break away” for a week at one time, the live online Workshop is now an option.

Why Do We Offer a Distance Learning Option?

You are able to enroll in a Workshop the same way as our more traditional Workshop – on our website. 

How can I enroll in a Distance Learning Certification Workshop?

We will begin the Workshop each day at 8:30 AM (Eastern Time – United States). We will have a morning break mid-morning, and a one hour lunch break is planned for 12:00 PM. There will also be a break mid-afternoon, and we will end Monday through Thursday at 5:00 PM. “Private” Workshop sessions can be arranged at times convenient to you.

When do the Live Online Workshops begin and end on a daily basis?

  • A Windows PC or Apple Mac

  • A “standard” web browser

  • The Live Online Workshop uses both video and audio links, so a headset with microphone, in a quiet setting is required

  • A Web camera.

You will not need to install extra software on your own computer

What are the technical requirements?

The cost of the Workshop is listed on our Registration Page. Team discounts are available for three or more Workshop attendees at the same Workshop.

What is the cost of Live Online Certification Workshop?

The Live Online Workshop utilizes the identical teaching methodology as our face-to-face classroom Certification Workshops – instructor presentations, instructor-guided case studies, interactive discussions, workshop attendee presentations to other participants, team breakout sessions, etc.

What is the teaching approach in the Live Online Certification Workshop?

Do Live Online Workshops have the same content as face-to-face classroom Certification Workshops?

Yes, live Online Certification Workshops have the same content. Instructors utilize the exact presentations, case studies, examples, and Workshop activities as face-to-face classroom Certification Workshop sessions.

Do Live Online Certification Workshops have the same length as classroom Workshops?

Yes, the length for a Live Online Workshop is 4 days in length – beginning on Monday and ending on Thursday– just like the face-to-face classroom Certification Workshop.

Every Live Online Workshop attendee will receive login details for access into the Certification Workshop virtual classroom. If the Workshop participant has questions they would like to ask the instructor, they can do so via a secured private link, in the interface.

Is my Workshop online profile available to others?

Cancellations made in writing thirty (30) business days prior to the first day of the certification workshop will receive a full refund; no refunds are available after that time. Requests for change of workshop dates made in writing thirty (30) business days prior to the first day of the certification workshop will gladly be accommodated; no changes are available after that time. Substitutions, however, may be made at any time prior to the beginning of the certification workshop. we will notify you thirty (30) days in advance of the certification workshop, in the unlikely event that the certification workshop should have to be cancelled.

Non-payment or no-show does not constitute cancellation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment is due in full at the time of registration and prior to the Workshop start date.

What is your Payment Policy?


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