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What You Will Learn In One Of Our Enterprise Architecture Certification Workshops.


Workshop Outline


Enterprise Architecture and the Business

  • The Case for Change

  • The Concepts for Change

  • Accelerating Implementation (Business Change Implementation and Technology Change Implementation) in the Face of Accelerating Change


  • Framework

  • Methodology

  • Architecture

  • Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

    • Architecture Models: Motivation/Goals, Functions/Processes, Data Groups/Materials, Organization/People, Location/Network, Event/Timing

    • Implementation Models: Business, Application, Information, Technology, Other Common Implementation Models, As-Is and Desired-State Models, Governance

Demystifying Enterprise Architecture for the Non-Practitioner

  • The Analogies

  • Justification Approaches

    • Value to the CEO

    • Value to the CIO

    • Value to Stakeholders

    • What Works (and what doesn’t)

    • Business Vocabulary

    • Creating an Enterprise Architecture Charter

  • Purpose of Plan the Plan

  • Establishing Architecture Scope

  • Defining Architecture Deliverables

  • Major Tasks

Planning for Enterprise Architecture

  • Motivation Goal Analysis and Models

  • Function Process Analysis and Models

  • Data Data Group Analysis and Models

  • Network Location Analysis and Models

  • People Organization Analysis and Models

  • Time Event Analysis and Models

Developing the Enterprise Architecture Models

The Model of Models Business on a Page

  • Implementation Analysis Models and Understanding

  • Building on the Analysis Developing Move-Ahead Initiatives

  • Prioritization Methods to Move Ahead and Enable the Architecture

Further Understanding the Enterprise through Implementation Models and Analysis

What Enterprises are Actually Doing A Sampling of Real Enterprise Architecture Models

  • Models

  • Examples

  • Templates

  • Strategies

  • Ask Details

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Suggested Deliverables by Task

  • Potential Task Challenges and Solutions

  • Transitioning to Next Step Activities

Doing the Work

  • Preparing for Ongoing Architecture Refinement and Usage

  • Revising, Enhancing, and Using the Architecture Artifacts

  • Reviewing and Approving the Project Plans

  • Continuing to Deliver Value to the Enterprise

Ongoing Enterprise Architecture Activities

  • The Governance Process

  • Understanding Architecture (Engineering) and Implementation (Manufacturing) Models

  • Developing Models

  • Classifying/Storing Models

  • Reusing and Managing Models

  • Versioning and Changing Models

Managing the Models

  • Scale of Change

  • Organization Engineering

    • Organization Vision

    • Organization Analysis

    • Organization Design

    • Organization Deployment

    • Continuous Knowledge Gain

    • Resistance to Change

    • Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Change

    • ACTIOn Model for Change

      • Analysis

      • Communication

      • Training and Development Reskilling

      • Involvement

      • Organization Structure, Alignment, Development

      • Intervention

Addressing Organizational Change and Resistance to Change

  • Maturity Model History

  • The Enterprise Architect Maturity Model (EAMM)

    • EAMM Stages

    • EAMM Artifacts

  • EAMM Stages

    • Enterprise Architecture Awareness

    • Enterprise Architecture Foundation

    • Develop Architecture Models

    • Develop Implementation Models

    • Use Architecture Models

    • Use Implementation Models

    • Manage Models for Enterprise Change

  • Implementing the Enterprise Architect Maturity Model Program

    • Initiate the EAMM Program

    • Plan the EAMM Program

    • Enable the EAMM Program

    • Validate the EAMM Program

    • Use and Evolve the EAMM Program

The Enterprise Architect Maturity Model

  • Team Composition

    • Planning Team

    • Core / Subject Matter Team

    • Review / Subject Matter Management Team

  • Prepare for the Enterprise Architecture Program Project

  • Model the “Enterprise” within Scope

  • Analyze the “Enterprise” within Scope

  • Conduct Review and Verification Session

  • Transition to Next Steps

Conducting an Enterprise Architecture Project – the Process and Work Breakdown Structure

  • Demonstration Projects

  • Portfolio Rationalization Projects

  • “Less than Enterprise” Architecture

  • More “Quick Strike” Opportunities

Short Term Approaches for Long Term Success

The Enterprise Architect Job Description

Developing a Center of Excellence

  • Templates

  • Analysis Tools and Algorithms

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Microsoft Office Tool Enablement

  • Enabling other Toolsets

The Quick Start Toolkit

  • Certification Levels

  • EACOE Web site

    • Bulletin Board

    • EACOE Members and Friends

  • Continuing your Enterprise Architecture Growth

Next Step Activities

  • Definitions

  • Comparing yesterday, to today, to tomorrow

  • Cloud and the Business Strategy

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Cloud Attributes Related to Existing Infrastructure

  • Cloud and the Information Technology Strategy

  • The Process (Outline)

    • Define Goals and Business Objectives

    • Related Goals and Objectives to the Enterprise

    • Identify Candidate Business Processes

    • Identify Candidate Materials / Data

    • Identify Candidate Existing Applications

    • Evaluate Cloud Deployment Choices

    • Dealing with “Non-Cloud” Applications

    • Develop Short and Long Term Roadmaps

    • Update the Enterprise Architecture

Architecting the Cloud

 Your Instructor

Meet Sam Holcman, The Director Of The EACOE And Expert Practitioner In Enterprise Architecture

Sam Head Shot.jpg

SAMUEL B. (Sam) HOLCMAN is the Chairman of the Pinnacle Business Group, Inc., the Managing Director of the Enterprise Architecture Center Of Excellence (EACOE), and the Business Architecture Center Of Excellence (BACOE), and the President of the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA). He is considered the “practitioners practitioner” in Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture, and the leading implementer and world-wide educator and trainer in Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture methodologies and techniques.

The Pinnacle Business Group, Inc. and its associated organizations provide its clients with innovative, yet practical solutions to a range of business and systems related challenges and activities. Mr. Holcman conceptualized and constructed a unique look at system development methodologies, which resulted in the highly regarded ForeSightTM methodology and methodology management product.

He has developed a strategic planning process that is used by many Fortune 500 companies, and is the co-developer of the widely used accelerated analysis (JAD-like) technique known as Rapid Analysis. He has also developed an innovative approach to Business Process Re-Engineering known as Business Process VisualizationTM and Organization Network AnalysisTM.

In association with Mr. John Zachman, he formed The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA), to explore, explain, and share the concepts of enterprise architecture. He has developed the Intellectual Capital Maturity ModelTM and the Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model. He has also developed and published works on Cooperatively Optimized Relationships (COR). To better understand an organizations “DNA”, Sam led the development of The Enterprise FrameworkTM and The Business Architecture FrameworkTM. Both The Enterprise Framework, and The Business Architecture Framework have received worldwide acclaim for their understandability, and usability, while maintaining theoretical purity. He recently published “Reaching the Pinnacle—a Methodology of Business Understanding, Technology Planning, and Change”.

Sam was with Ford Motor Company for 11 years, Vice President of a robotics and factory automation firm for two years, a senior member of a technology delegation to the People’s Republic of China, and a member of a technology delegation to the Commonwealth of Independent States (Soviet Union).

Sam has a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has been elected to Eta Kappa Nu (electrical engineering honors society), and Tau Beta Pi (engineering honors society), and is a member of numerous societies and professional organizations, and is a frequent speaker at seminars around the world.

Email Sam at, or telephone at (810) 231-0531.

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Cancellations made in writing thirty (30) business days prior to the first day of the certification workshop will receive a full refund; no refunds are available after that time.

Requests for change of workshop dates made in writing thirty business days prior to the first day of the certification workshop will gladly be accommodated; no changes are available after that time.

Substitutions, however, may be made at any time prior to the beginning of the certification workshop. EACOE will notify you thirty (30) days in advance of the certification workshop, in the unlikely event that the certification workshop should have to be cancelled.

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