Enterprise Architecture Advisory Services


In addition to our certification workshops, we offer you a number of services to jump start, support, evaluate, and optimize your current or future Architecture work.

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Executive Briefings

We offer management-level briefings about Enterprise Architecture – from four hours and up, depending on your needs.

These sessions provide a management understanding of the central issues from a business and/or technology perspective, and to discuss the potential opportunities of Enterprise Architecture for your organization.

The sessions may be tailored to specific areas of management interest. Please contact us for pricing.

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Enterprise architecture and strategic planning is a kind of a master blueprint for charting out the interalignment of business planning, operations, automation aspects as well as technological infrastructure. Enterprise architecture defined thus, has to link together business strategy, everyday processes and the IT strategy of an organization, using models to show the current states as well as how it can move to a desired future state.

Our enterprise architecture consulting services lets you draw in from an experienced pool of knowledge and services to optimize your business and IT strategies. We will help you provide a roadmap whereby both business and IT can fuel each other’s strategies.

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Virtual EA Services

This service gives you access to the expertise of our consulting Enterprise Architects, either on-site or remote, so you can achieve your EA Goals more quickly, efficiently, and economically.

We become your virtual Enterprise Architect, providing the guidance and expertise when you need it.

Applying expertise gained from Enterprises across a wide range of businesses, industries, and government organizations, we will ensure your Enterprise Architecture efforts are optimized and aligned with your strategic goals.

View our Application Portfolio Rationalization & Optimization Brochure

View our Application Portfolio Rationalization & Optimization Brochure

Application Portfolio Rationalization & Optimization 

Maximize the value of current application assets and lay a firm foundation for future growth.

We will help address your current problems:

  • Aging technology base

  • Skyrocketing maintenance budget

  • Growing need for security

  • Scarcity of skills needed to support outdated technologies in place

  • Escalating costs of data centers

  • Enormity of application portfolio

  • Continuous reduction in IT budget

And, address your current challenges:

  • Deciding where to start

  • Validating current portfolio to secure adequate IT budget

  • Examining “health” of existing application portfolio

  • Identifying Process redundancies

  • Identifying Data redundancies

  • Measuring the value of each current application

  • Understanding the extent and result of on-going “redundancy creep”

View our EA Assessment Brochure

View our EA Assessment Brochure

Enterprise Architecture Assessments

Drawing upon the methodologies and best practices of the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) including The Enterprise Framework™, the Pinnacle Business Group, Inc. will help you to discover what lies at the core of your business, clarify the relationships, and document observations that suggest valuable steps forward, evolving your Enterprise Architecture to work for you.

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Professional Development

Our certification programs are recognized globally. Enterprise Architecture certifications will enable you to learn the actual practices of EA, have your performance reviewed by experienced architects and then receive the appropriate certification. You gain experience, confidence and not only upgrade your skills, but draw upon the skills of other seasoned practitioners as well.