Digital Transformation

Watch the entire webinar presented on January 23, 2019.

The Hard Part of Digital Transformation - Addressing Business and Organizational Change

As Digital Transformation efforts sweep across Government and Corporate America, many enterprises are finding that the results of their Digital Transformation efforts are much less than expected. 

A recent survey of one hundred Digital Transformation efforts, internally measured using various criteria, reported thirty percent of those efforts were deemed “successful”. 

Corporations are finding that a key area of difficulty is analyzing the organization and how it needs to function in the Digital world.  Analyzing an organization today using standard techniques is little more than looking at the organization chart and "looking" for inefficiencies.

In fact, the "traditional" organization chart tells very little about how the organization actually functions. 

This Webinar will present and describe some innovative techniques that can be used in analyzing how organizations need to address Organizational Transformation, to provide successful Digital transformations, beyond just technology change. 

As a group, these techniques are described as part of B. (Business) I. (Information) O. (Organization) Transformation – BIO Transformation.  Future webinars will look at the third component of successful Digital Transformations – Business Transformation.